Thursday, 4 September 2014

TorontotheBetter welcomes School of Social Entrepreneurship Ontario to the struggle for Toronto's social economy.

SSE Ontario recently celebrated its second birthday near Regent Park and  TorontotheBetter was pleased to attend. In our work work to help the growth of Toronto's social economy we are pleased to see more agents of progressive change at work in the community where we launched Toronto's first multi-sector social econoy directory nearly ten years ago. TorontotheBetter colleagues Sonny Yeung, Salvador Altimirano, Natalie Illanes, Marc Young, Tyler Radovanovich, Sanjay Talreja, Taodhg Burns, and Daniella Jofre recently convened to plan our work as Toronto comes under increasing panamerican scrutiny in the year leading to the Toronto Pan-Am Games in 2015. Though the mainstream economy still fails to meet the basic needs of all it is key that more work on the construction of an economy dedicated to the holistic well-being of all.

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