Thursday, 1 May 2014

As Toronto's leadership fails, TorontotheBetter launches a Pan-Am Social Economy Campaign

With the world, and particularly the Americas, visiting Toronto in large numbers over the next year, leading up to Toronto's Pan-am Games TorontotheBetter will be reminding visitors (and Torontonians too) that they have choices about how they spend their money. To update the World Social Forum slogan, Another world is not just possible; it is actual. There is a social economy available for those for whom the mainstream market economy, with its fixation on increasingly short-term and risky financial gain, offers less than they want when they invest in our city. It is Toronto's social economy that TorontotheBetter has been building since 2004, in its online directory and associated educational and communications events. We invite all to become Toronto social economy builders by following this blog and signing up for our Alliance for Toronto's Social Economy (ATSE). For more details right now, email with ATSE in the subject line. In upcoming months public meetings will be held in collaboration with our many TorontotheBetter partners. Stay tuned to this space; you can be a part of a better Toronto.

If it takes a village to make a child, it takes citizens to build a city. Join us as we strengthen Toronto's social economy at a time when our city's leadership is absent without leave. We can do better. And we will.

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