Friday, 17 January 2014

TorontotheBetter workers practice social economics - so can everybody

March 31, 2014

Following a recent TorontotheBetter co-operative meeting we asked our workers to tell us which social economy enterprises in the TorontotheBetter Directory they regularly used as part of their daily activity routines in the City. We were pleasantly surprised and confirmed by the number and range of the enterprises we collectively use and we thought that many others might be interested. Here are just a few of the social economy things we did in the last twelve months. 

-for our no-carbon bike transportation, the Community Bicycle Network                                   -for quality food and movie facilities, Good Times, Bad Times Tea Shop                                     -for environmentally aware dental care, Healthy Dentistry                                                     -for organic food  and cute stuff, Jola’s Good Catch                                                             -for coffee the much missed Alternative Grounds                                                                 -to recycle our old computer equipment Renewed Computer Technology and Computation            -for educational and cultural events Beit Zatoun
-to dryclean our clothes Market Organic Cleaners                                                                  -and to tell the world about TorontotheBetter we used the postal services of Toronto’s First Post Office                                                                                                                          

What we believe in we do. And so can you. Another economy is possible. For the many more options we host check our complete directory at
Stay tuned to this space to learn how you can make many of your activities social economy activities. All it takes is a little bit of planning and, of course, the TorontotheBetter Directory, since 2004 Toronto's original multi-sector social  enterprise directory.

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