Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Oct.29, 2013 - TorontotheBetter PWYC movie/discusssion series features Anarchosyndicalism:the other union tradition

*Tuesday October 29,2013-7pm at OISE 252 Bloor St. West. Toronto- Room#4422
- “Anarchosyndicalism: the other union tradition” 

Movie “Together We Win” from the  New York City Starbucks organizing campaign by the Industrial Workers of the World [The Wobblies] and discussion. Speaker: Marc Young Toronto IWW member

*Tuesday November 26,2013- 7pm at OISE 252 Bloor St. West. Toronto- Room #5-280 
“Micro-lending: Poverty solution or illusion?”  Speaker: Eugene Ellmen – Oikocredit Canada

*Saturday Dec 10-7pm at Good Times Bad Times Tea Shop 1421 Bloor St. W. Toronto                                    - “Stay In School? A Critical View of the Mantra” Speaker: Hector Bunyan - Playwright, Educator, Worker. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Unionism is alive and well in Toronto! What happened to us in BC???
In Sol, Sue