Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Upcoming TorontotheBetter Pay What You Can Events - July/August, 2013

* Wednesday July 17 -  7pm at Good Times, Bad Times Tea Shop, 1421 Bloor St. West [West of Lansdowne]                                                                     Walmart: The High Price of Low Cost. Discussion, Movie, Action.                            
Recent Walmart news includes a possible store near Toronto’s Kensington Market (there goes the neighbourhood?) and the company’s actual refusal, after the horrific factory collapse in Bangladesh, that recently killed over 1100 garment workers and injured 1000 more, to sign an Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (what makes a company refuse to sign a safety accord that will save workers lives?). What are we really paying, and buying,  when we shop at the most successful (financially, anyway) store in North America? How about human lives and community disruption? Join TorontotheBetter  and partners Good Times Bad Times as we review the record and consider what concerned citizens should do.  

* Sunday August 18. DonArea Co-op Homes [DACHI], 255 Carlton St. 12 noon-6pm. [Food will be served]                                                     DemocraticBusiness/Social Enterprise: A Do It Yourself workshop.                              Want to do something that means something to you as a person and improves our community? Fed up working for the “man”? Learn the hows of social enterprise from a panels of TorontotheBetter entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. 

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