Sunday, 23 June 2013

TorontotheBetter sends solidarity greetings to Two Row Society and ILPS Indigenous Commission project in Sioux Lookout

Following our screening of Mamwi (Together), in support of Algonquin First Nation, last fall, we were recently pleased to receive news about a brave project in traditional territory at Sioux Lookout. We encourage TorontotheBetter blog readers to send their support and share the message below. We recognize that our Toronto occupies First Nations land. 
Dear friends,

I write to you from Sioux Lookout, where Two Row Society and ILPS Indigenous Commission members travelled to, from the Biimadasahwin  cabin build in the bush, to share and prepare an update on the finances of our trip so far, and to launch a new video and fundraising campaign.

Biimadasahwin means "life" in Ojibway. It is the name that Darlene Necan, the head trapper of her family's trap line has given to a project jointly undertaken by her, the Two Row Society and the ILPS - Indigenous Commission, to build homes and return to their traditional territory.

We want to sincerely thank you again for all of your support so far. It is truly a beautiful thing that this grassroots project was able to get off the ground because we had the support of so many people who helped us meet our initial online fundraising goal. When we can pause by the lake after a hard day's work, we always reflect on that fact.

We are now launching a new fundraising campaign in order to ensure that this project continues, and to share an updated video shot this morning from the cabin build site and Sioux Lookout. 

Here is a video where Darlene and I break down the costs of the trip so far, and the costs to come:

You can follow the project at:
Twitter: @TwoRowSociety

Thank you all.

Love and solidarity.
Laura Lepper
(on behalf of Two Row Society and ILPS Commission in Support of Indigenous People's Struggles)

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