Sunday, 17 March 2013

Are we any less Stupid in 2013? - March 26 PWYC screening: "The Age of Stupid"- revisted

TITLE: The Age of Stupid - revisited
SCREENING DATE/TIME: March.26th, 2013 7pm.OISE (252 Bloor West) - Room 2211.
DURATION: 50 minutes                                                                                 
                                                     Pay What You Can
The next in TorontotheBetter's 2013 "Rethinking Social Enterprise" series.
TorontotheBetter is a programme of Toronto's Libra Knowledge and Information Services worker co-op.                             

SUBJECT: When "The Age of Stupid" was originally released in 2009 it gave us till 2015 (the scheduled date of Toronto's Pan-Am Games!), before our collective environmental game would be irrevocably up. Join us as we try to figure out how much (or little) progress we've made since then and what to do as planet Earth slips under the waves of history. As foretold in the original movie are we already in the abyss as we observe our inevitable slide into it in a rearview mirror?
CONTACT US for more information: 416-707-3509 (t); (e) 
WEBSITE: www.Torontothe\                                         

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Taodhg said...

At our screening of the Age of Stupid on March 26, 2013, the following completely unscientific conclusions about our level of environmental stupidity could be drawn: 1) personally most of us are making behavioural changes, from turning off lights to buying more, rather then less, environmentally friendly products and brands, but 2)our discussion of how to make sufficient change at a macro level to stop the impending environmental catastrophe revealed significant differences of opinion; one speaker, Steve Bessada of TorontotheBetter enterprise Lovegan, a supplier of cerified organic produce to Torontonians, favoured increasing demand for organic products while Jamie and Taodhg of TorontotheBetter spoke for more government intervention.The bottom line moral: all methods that can make a difference must be used, including market and regulation-based. Clearly serious political leadership is necessary for anything like a coordinated response to the looming environmental catastrophe to happen. Do we have it in Toronto or in Canada? We are making some personal progress but the express train is coming and we must do more if it is to be slowed, let alone stopped. We're still stupid, though a little less, perhaps, than we were in 2009, when The Age of Stupid was released, but will it make any difference?