Sunday, 6 January 2013

Attn. TORONTO-Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge travellers - carshare options

For the many who want to minimize their carbon footprints while getting done whatever travelling they need to do,there are now some innovative options. Taking public transportation like buses or trains instead of personal automobiles cars for the long trips is one. But when you're at your destination you may need to do some inter- and intra-city personal travelling. I found Grand River Carshare a couple of years ago and as someone who often has to travel within the tri-cities it suits me very well. Even better, GrandRiver Carshare, Ontario's first when  it was founded in 1998, is a non-profit co-operative, so nobody's getting ripped off to provide the service. I was so impressed I joined the board for  a couple of years and now volunteer on one of the carshare committees. We can all help to reduce congestion, smog, stress and accidents and carsharing is one good way. To find out more check the Grand River Carshare website at And no,I'm not paid to do this. GrandRiver Carshare is an important part of our provicial social economy; as a member of TorontotheBetter's Alliance for Toronto's Social Economy we are pleased to reach out to positive initiatives by neighbours. We all benefit when our social economy alternatives grow.  

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Jason Hammond said...

Thanks for highlighting our co-op, Taodhg! Torontonians should note that our 19 CarShare stations in Kitchener-Waterloo include both the VIA/GO rail station, and the Kitchener bus terminal. In Hamilton, our Bold Street station is adjacent to the GO Centre. This makes it easy to hop on a train or bus, travel the bulk of your distance in a less polluting and more productive manner, and then drive around to meet all your local needs. Look forward to seeing our neighbours engage with this sustainable option!