Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Torontothetter supports the Traditional Algonquin One Nation with PWYC screening of Mamwi ("Together")


Movie TITLE: MAMWI (“Together” in the Algonquin language) - plus raw 2012 footage from Algonquin First Nation land in Quebec, site of the Traditional Algonquin One Nation's struggle with Resolute Forest Products.
DURATION: 60 minutes [approx.]

SPEAKER: Ilyan Balicki, a Toronto-based social justice activist who recently made a solidarity visit to Poigan Bay Algonquin Territory to stand and learn with the Traditional Elders of the Algonquin One Nation with regard to the illegal logging of their territory and cultural degradation.                               LANGUAGE: English/Algonquin
VENUE: OISE (252 Bloor St. W.)-Room 5-250 TIME:7pm PRICE:PWYC
PHONE:416-707-3509 WEBSITE:
THEME: Montreal-based logging company PF Resolute is clear-cutting on unceded Algonquin territory near Poigan Bay in northern Quebec. Environmental integrity, Algonquin cultural heritage and traditional ways of life are being irreversibly compromised for a corporate profiteering agenda. The film showcases the altercations between the Elders of the Traditional Algonquin One Nation and Resolute Forest Products.

NOTE: we will also be showing for the first time raw footage of Alqonquin Elders Joseph and Louise Wawatie being arrested on their own land. People versus profits. - in our series we have recently shown movies about similar struggles in India, Chile and Colombia. As the world economy tightens after the collapse of 2008, the push for explotation becomes more urgent. It’s a global reality and it’s happening in Quebec, Canada. Whose side are we on? Show your solidarity with the traditional Algonquins of the One Nation and join us on Nov. 27th, 2012. NOTE: Movie screening is part of our annual TorontotheBetter movie series, linking popular struggles worldwide. For more information about Toronto's social economy and TorontotheBetter check out our ebsite at or call 416-707-3509.

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