Monday, 29 October 2012

TorontotheBetter supports action against privatization of Toronto's LRT transit system

We draw the attention of all Toronto social seconomy supporters to the following important call to action from Scarborough Transit Action. A better Toronto requires needs a strong public sector if social enterprise is to thrive. Thanks to Scarborough Transit Action for this alert.


Toronto Council is on the verge of signing off on a Master Agreement with Metrolinx that will lock in the privatization of four new Light Rapid Transit line's. They intend to make this irreversible and far reaching change to our public transit system without having access to all the facts about privatization. Only by deferring the item (CC27.6) can Council conduct public consultation and consider the evidence. Here's what they need to review before making a decision:

-up to date research indicating privatization costs are 16% higher than publicly funded infrastructure in Ontari

a copy of the soon to be released Value for Money assessment of private vs. public cost estimates for LRT expansion in Toronto, (Infrastructure Ontario).

-an audit of the Value for Money assessment process as they are known to be biased in favour of P3's. (Provincial Auditor)

-the report conducted by the American Public Transit Association outlining concerns with handing over a huge ($8.4B) project to a multinational consortium.

CALL YOUR COUNCILLOR AT 311 TODAY. Ask them to DEFER agenda item CC27.6 at the Council Meeting of October 30th. Tell them they need to learn the facts about P3's and hear from the public. No more back room deals and secret meetings.

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