Sunday, 29 July 2012

Empty seats at London Olympics - sounds familiar?

It's the Toronto Maple Leaf syndrome, soon coming to a major sports event near you, Corporations buy the seats but who wants to go to a minor (you choose which) event on a rainy - it's London so this is special to the location but not a clincher - weekday afternoon? Well not the average person, but particularly a non-sporty type whose company offers them the tickets as a corporate bribe. Sounds familiar? Been happening at Leaf games for quite some time.  The corporate takeover of sports will be complete when the games are held in studios and that incidental spectator component is excluded, or piped in or, a few anyway, paid to show up. Time for some new ideas about how to keep sports in sporting events.

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Anonymous said...

How about an Olympic rule that seats not filled within x minutes of starting are available first come first served?