Thursday, 10 May 2012


Celebrate International Day for Conscientious Objection by calling on the government to rescind Operational Bulletin 202

Dear supporters of U.S. war resisters in Canada,

You haven't heard from us at the War Resisters Support Campaign recently, but the resisters are still here, living lives of uncertainty, though also filled with the joys of daily living and working. Our work continues. We need your help!

Tuesday, May 15 is the International Day for Conscientious Objection. This is the day we have chosen to revitalize the impact of our campaign, and to press for the elimination of Immigration Minister Kenney's Operational Bulletin 202.

This bulletin, which asks immigration officers to refer the cases of all American war resisters to their superior officers, has effectively stopped the progress of resisters to resident's status in Canada, even when the courts have ruled in their favour. We need you, and anyone else you can recruit to help, to email Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and your MP on May 15.

 At this link, you can do this in one step! It will also go to the relevant Opposition Leaders and critics. You may edit and personalize the letter if you wish. Thanks so much for your help on this day, and for all of the work you have done for war resisters. War Resisters Support Campaign.

P.S. Minister Kenney recently claimed that there was no political intervention in the decision to grant a residency permit to Conrad Black. Yet he has consistently intervened in the cases of U.S. soldiers, by directing immigration officers to red-flag them as potential criminals.

We denounce this double standard by the Conservative government, and we call on Minister Kenney to immediately rescind Operational Bulletin 202 so that Iraq War resisters can get a decision without political interference.

If you're in the Toronto area, join us as we write, email, fax, phone, and tweet Minister Kenney. There will be an update on the campaign, as well as refreshments.
WHEN: Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: United Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto
WHY: Let Them Stay!

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