Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tinto's lease has expired...

Some sad news in an email today (January 4th, 2012) from Tinto Coffee House:

"For those of you who may come to our doors, contradicting signs will
remain posted. Ours say we would be back by today, while our
landlord?s say our lease was terminated and were given 5 days, from
December 16, to vacate the space. While we are engaged in legal
proceedings over gaining access to the premises, which have to date
not been provided to us, let us say a word to you.

Thanks! For years of allowing us to integrate into the community,
thank you. And thanks for letting us try an attempt at being fair. We
served Fair Trade certified coffees and teas and sugar, we looked for
local suppliers who would provide us fresh ingredients from a
reasonable distance, we selected organic to reduce the impact of
chemicals on land, water, air and most importantly, on all the people
involved, from producer to consumer. We made an effort to make all
from scratch, fresh, unprocessed and healthy. In short, we were given,
with your support, the opportunity to prove that other possibilities
are at hand and work for a lot of people.

We had the chance to put together a team of dedicated staff members
that served you in such a way that many a time personal friendship and
work in the arts developed from your regular visits.

Tinto served as a community hub and many great initiatives in our city
found a natural space to share, to discuss, to connect and to feel at
home at Tinto. We offered the space for you to discuss how a better
world could be made possible and you accepted the invitation with

Unfortunately our lease was terminated and Tinto now comes to a close.
We appreciate your support and encourage your commitment to your work
in the community. Thanks for sharing that with us. Thanks for giving
us the chance to join you.

We will find new ways of working in the community and renewed
opportunities of crossing our ways with you."

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