Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Exchanging Notes: a literary cabaret

The Toronto Writers’ Co-operative presents
its 4th
Exchanging Notes: a literary cabaret
on Tuesday, January 24

Exchanging Notes is a 3 hour showcase of spoken word with live musical accompaniment.  Styles will range from rap to rock to classical to jazz to things there are no names for.  Our venue, Alleycatz, offers a well-stocked bar and an impressive cuisine, Executive Chef Michael Skan.  Have dinner, enjoy a few drinks and the entertainment of the poetry and prose of the Writers’ Co-op with musicians too numerous to mention.

The evening will conclude with an open mic for writers & musicians.  Bring your words and instruments and join in!

 There is no cover.

Exchanging Notes: a literary cabaret
8 PM
Tuesday, January 24
2409 Yonge Street (2.5 blocks north of Eglinton)

Performance Order & Approximate Times
8:00-8:15:  Maneli Jamaal
8:18-8:25:  Helen Knight, Mo Jamal, Violin
8:27-8:34:  Allan Sutterfield, Wayne Collins, Alto Sax and Clarinet and Flutes
8:35-8:42:  John Warren, David Thiessen, Upright Bass, Pierre Mongeon, Trumpet
8:44-8:51:  Velma Demerson, Blaise, Guitar,
8:52-8:59:  Richard French, Pierre Mongeon, Trumpet,
9:01-9:08:  Njoroge Mungai with percussionist friend
9:09-9:16:  Rabin Ramah, Honey Novick, Vocal
9:18-9:25:  Valentina Gal, Ali Zuccato, Keyboard,
9:26-9:34:  Chelsea Walton, John Priest, Violin,
9:36-9:43:  Joe Monachino, James Faulkner, Guitar,
9:44-9:51:  Jeannine Pitas, Tim Anderson, pianica,
9:53-10:00:  Janet Koops, Jaime Batista, Electric Bass
10:01-10:08:  Roki, Maneli Jamal, Guitar,
10:10-10:17:  Marsha Eines, Mo Jamal, Violin,
10:18-10:25  Hugh James, John Duncan, Electronic Music Guitar,
10:27-10:34:  Margaret Code, Kole McRae, Piano,
10:35-10:42:  Karen Shani, Christa Golding, Guitar, Keys or Percussion, Sax or Violin,
10:44-10:51:  David Chilton with saxophonist
10:52-10:59: Afolabi Opunabi, Mark Trudeau, Guitar Acoustic and Electric,
11:01-11:08:  Melania Daniels, Jeffery Owen, Piano (with a friend playing bass),
11:09-11:16:  Naomi Freeman, Joel Chico, Guitar,
11:18-11:25:  D’arcy Corbett with friend
11:26-11:33:  Ethelrida Zabala Laxa, Vocal-Guitar
11:33-?:  Open mic and stage (Cynthia Amoah,vocals; Dallas Sutherland, guitar)

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