Tuesday, 11 October 2011

TorontotheBetter supports fledgeling "Occupy Mississauga movement"!

I see a TorontoTheBetter colleague was involved in what he sees as part of the burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement...

See ‘Hazel has to go,’ say protesters for details:

"A small group of residents went to City Hall this morning to demand Mayor Hazel McCallion’s resignation after a judge earlier this week said she used her office to promote her son’s City Centre project.


Tim, who described himself as a knowledge consultant and carried a copy of The News with the front-page headline “Unrepentant!”, said McCallion has overstayed her welcome at City Hall.

The protesters took up a prime spot at the main entrance at 8 a.m., exhorting employees arriving for work and later residents going in to City Hall to vote in today’s provincial election to “stand with us in solidarity.” At one point, a pair of security guards stopped by to inquire what they were doing.

“The response has been very positive. Lots of people stopped to talk to us. Cars driving by are even honking,” said Tim, who hopes the protest will be the beginning of a movement to get McCallion to step down.

“She’s been in office for more than three decades. Over that time, she’s become a dictator. She’s treating Mississauga as her personal kingdom, and that’s not right,” he said."

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nick venditti said...

As an 18 year student from Mississauga, i can't describe how ignorant, immature , and petty tim and these protestors are. being 18 means that Mayor Hazel McCallion has been running Mississauga for more then half of my life. i can truly say that Missississaga has been the best place for me to grow up and has been a contributing factor on developing my sense of morals and even belonging. I can truly say that this is because of Ms. McCallion. she has not only helped Mississauga grow to the city it has become but also made it a home to many canadians, where they can live and grow feeling safe. To ask one of canada's iconic figures to step down from power, because of a minor incident of trying to better expand downtown Mississauga is preposterous. the biggest thing I am still trying to get over is the comparing of Ms. hazel McCallion to a dictator. I believe that tim know's nothing of dictatorship and is incredibly ignorant in the fact. its people like this that scares me for whats to come after Ms. hazel McCallion retires.