Monday, 19 September 2011

LEAF - More Volunteer Tree Planters Needed

Last weekend we had a number of people assisting at our beautiful Milne Hollow site. Since the spring, we've been able to rehabilitate this great space by planting 225 native trees and shrubs... but the goal is to plant 600. That means we still have 375 trees remaining!

We need as many LEAF volunteers as possible to help us reach this goal and help increase Toronto's canopy. Parking is available on site and Milne Hollow is TTC accessible.  It's also great opportunity to get together with other wonderful LEAF volunteers and help make a tangible difference for our city. This event is open to the public so please feel free to invite friends and family to come out and join in the fun. 

LEAF Photographers and Lead Volunteers are also needed for this event. 

Lead Volunteers are individuals who arrive early to help set up. They also assist in leading other event participants in properly planting and mulching our trees. Training provided. 

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