Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scarborough Community mobilization continues

August 15, 2011
Scarborough mobilized to take actions to improve the community. About 50 people met in 2 different rooms to review what was previously discussed on Affordable Housing, Transit, Employment(Jobs) & Civic Engagement to access services. There has been concern that Atwood on Libraries got a disproportionate amount of attention. Though Scarborough with about 25% of the city's population has only 20 of the 99 libraries. Also Child Care was becoming a bigger issue due to the Core Services Review by Mayor Ford and company for potential cuts(chops)

On the Municipal front; people agreed to give deputations at City Hall on Sept. 19 & 26 saying they "are from Scarborough and that they care about services." (including many listed) In the meantime we will be getting signitures on petitions in August.

Another approaching date is the Oct. 6 Provincial election where people will communicate with candidates about their platform and policies possibly at debates. There are six ridings that overlap Scarborough of the 23 in Toronto and 45 in the GTA.
From TorontotheBetter's Scarborough correspondent - Sonny Yeung


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