Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scarborough mobilizes !

Tonight Scarborough mobilized for a better Scarborough and a better Toronto at a community workshop. Over a hundred people crammed the Scarborough Civic Centre to brainstorm community priorities and by the end of the night they were realizing they were a movement. Resentment of downtown Toronto's historical snottiness helped - one speaker reminded the geoup "Scarborough gets screwed over a lot" - but most evident was genuine frustration about practical  problems with jobs, transit, housing and, and access to healthcare, along with the determination to dosomething about them. Throughout the evening, one thing stood out: an engaged community. It's called Scarborough.

Our TorontotheBetter inludes Scarborough. We look forward to the follow-up meetings planned at tonight's meeting and encourage concerned citizens to engage, wherever they live in the GTA.

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Sonny Yeung said...

Scarborough has 6 priority neighbourhoods and another 2 border Victoria Park. I was at the table on (quality)Affordable Housing. We would like to raise it as an issue during the Provincial Election in Sept. So there is a planning meeting Aug. 3 evening. Sonny