Monday, 13 June 2011

InSpirt Summer 2011 at Urban Edge Yoga

Urban Edge Yoga is hosting a string of spiritual talks this month as part of InSpirt Summber 2011.

Reincarnation - Womb after Womb, Fact of Fiction? starts things off on Thursday evening, the 16th:

"Is it possible that we have been traversing the Universe life after life?
Devamrita Swami, a monk, author and Yale graduate has explored the science of reincarnation for several decades and will be sharing with us his extensive research and deep spiritual insights. If you want to gain real control over your destiny, you must understand reincarnation and how it works."

And the series concludes on the 23rd with The Vegan Revolution and Beyond - Consciousness Cooking:

"Devamrita Swami is a Monk, who has been travelling around the globe for over 40 years encouraging people to embrace an animal friendly vegan lifestyle, being more conscious of our environment, both material and spiritual. He is the founder of Institute of sustainability in New Zealand and is visiting us this summer for a special workshop. Join us as he takes us to a dimension beyond health and animal rights, the dimension of higher consciousness. He will present to us how the consciousness is a key ingredient of the food we eat and the people we become."

In between, you can find out about the Gita, Karma, love, or intelligent life on other planets...

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