Monday, 14 February 2011

Anarres Moving Sale, February 2011...

Anarres Natural Health is announcing a Moving Sale/Barter Offer/Help Request:

"I've just traded in my small fixed up house at College and Ossington
for a bigger fixer upper house at Bloor and Dovercourt across from Dovercourt House.

The trick is, I have to move nearly everything out this week!

How can you help Anarres move to a bigger, better space for workshops, treatments and DIY goodness?
~ Buy Anarres made products until Friday at 50% off (half price!)
~ Buy DIY ingredients at 20% off when you buy <$50 worth, 30% off when you buy >$51 worth
~ Discover the secrets of the Anarres Clinic by helping pack it up on Friday


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