Wednesday, 12 January 2011

MSN appeal: Support Cambodian workers fired for striking for living wage

Forwarded from the Maquila Solidarity Network:

"On September 18, 2010 over 300 Cambodian garment workers, many of them trade-union leaders, were unjustly suspended or fired from their jobs for participating in a nation-wide strike for an increase in the minimum wage. Since then, efforts to get them reinstated have failed, despite a court order and the government calling on employers to allow the workers to return to work.

The workers had been striking to demand a minimum monthly wage of US$ 93, which is considered to be the minimal "living wage" in Cambodia as calculated by labour groups and unions in the country. The strike lasted for three days and received massive support from workers throughout the country, culminating on the last day when over 200,000 workers from around 90 factories joined the protest.

The strike was called to an end by union leaders after the Ministry of Social Affairs invited them for a meeting to discuss their demands. However, when the garment workers returned to work the next day, they were confronted with mass dismissals of the unionized workers who had participated in the strike, and dozens of legal cases filed against union leaders."

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