Monday, 8 November 2010

Jo-Anne McArthur: Photographer one of Canada's top 50 volunteers of 2010

Kudos to Jo-Anne McArthur for being recognized as one of Canada's Champions of Change. From the 'About the Candidate' section of her Champions of Change page:

"When Jo-Anne McArthur takes a photo of an animal, she wants you to feel something. She wants you to see an animal as a sentient being, one that can experience fear, isolation, and pain. When she investigates a factory farm or visits an animal sanctuary, she is looking for those moments when an animal expresses a feeling toward other animals and human beings.

Jo-Anne has taken tens of thousands of photographs in the name of We Animals, the animal welfare organization she founded. Her photographs have been used in numerous awareness campaigns and articles by Sea Shepherd, Elle Magazine, WSPA, SPCA, and the Jane Goodall Institute. She also presents her photographs in slideshow presentations across Ontario."

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