Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tinto Coffee House beats the Construction Blues

A nice, little email recently received from Tinto Coffee House:

"here are many good things about construction on Roncesvalles Avenue. You can see the progress, it's upgrading some basic services on a permanent basis, and it's also bound to end some day.

Meanwhile it has moved north from the southern tip of Roncesvalles. So Tinto's portion is clearer and less dusty. This means less noise, as well.
Some times there is parking and some time there is none. But it looks there are more times with, than without parking.

It's all very positive and so are we. We are happy to be back on Wednesday 8th. Our good Fair Trade coffee from Latin America is back, so are our home bakes, salads, sandwiches and wraps, our locally supplied ingredients and organic ingredients along with South American wines and local beers. In short, we are back and beating construction blues.

Come share your summer tan with all of us! Hurry before it's gone!"

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