Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tell McDonald's: It's Time To Retire The Clown

From Ana Joanes, director of Fresh: the movie:


It's time to retire the clown.

For decades, Ronald McDonald has peddled a whole brand of junk food that is today spurring a deadly epidemic of diet-related disease. One out of every three American children is now considered overweight or obese, putting our kids at risk for dangerous medical conditions from diabetes to heart disease.

Click here to join thousands of other people in telling McDonald's to retire Ronald McDonald.

Millions of kids across the globe consume the products that Ronald McDonald markets. No marketing icon has done more to hook kids on unhealthy food, influencing brand loyalties and eating habits that can last a lifetime.

FRESH is partnering with Corporate Accountability International, the organization who successfully sent Joe Camel "packing", to call an end to Ronald McDonald's career. Can you sign our retirement card for Ronald McDonald? We'll send your signatures straight to McDonald's headquarters.

President Obama just declared September 2010 "National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month." Let's seize this moment to remove the world's most well-known salesman of junk food.

Even when parents try their best to instill a love of fresh, healthy food in their children, Ronald is around the corner, on the Internet, in schools, children's libraries and hospitals, enticing kids to desire the worst of what the industrial food system has to offer. It's time to stand up for Mom and Dad by giving this clown a rest!

Ronald deserves a break…and so do we! Tell McDonald's to Retire Ronald by signing his retirement card.

We are up against a powerful force; the budgets of even the most well-funded health education initiatives pale in comparison to the hundreds of millions of dollars McDonald's spends annually on kids' marketing. The fast food industry will undoubtedly keep working to lure our children unless tens of thousands of people demand that they stop. Retiring Ronald McDonald is an important first step in moving the fast food industry to stop its' predatory marketing to kids. Together, we can create a world where FRESH food, not fast food, flourishes.

Happy eating,

Ana Joanes
Director, FRESH
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