Sunday, 5 September 2010

Photo Exhibit: Hyphen Islam-Christianity

Following showings in Montreal, New York, Beyrouth, Jbeil, Zahleh, Copenhagen, Amman, Tripoli, Paris, Tyre and Casablanca.

Imagine a young country where multiculturalism is part of the mental landscape and where differences are life enriching.

Imagine a much older country on the other side of the planet where 19 religious communities are at home on a territory only 1/10 the size of Southwest Ontario.

The link between these two countries is “Hyphen Islam-Christianity”, a multidisciplinary project which voyages into the heart of Lebanon but also into human memory of sharing and diversity.

For Canadians grappling with "reasonable accommodation" among its diverse population groups we can learn much from the example of Christians and Muslims living side by side in Lebanon for more than a thousand years.

Be our guest for a guided tour by the artist who brings her native country in 100 stunning photographs to Canada which welcomed her as one of its own.

Nada Raphael is the photographer and producer of Hyphen Islam-Christianity. Nada studied in Beirut and Montreal and received a Bachelor’s degrees in audiovisual studies, in communication and in journalism. She has variously worked as a photographer, a camera woman, a journalist, a theater director and a project manager.

Nada created a production company named “Electrochocks Productions” in 2003 in Montreal, her adoptive home. She co-produces and directs documentaries covering different topics.

As a photographer she takes a human outlook on events in the Middle East, most specifically in her native Lebanon.

Need to know:
- No admission (donations accepted)
- Exhibition hardcover book and show postcards for sale
- Doors open at 6:45 pm
- Sorry, not wheelchair accessible
Tasty refreshments (non-alcoholic) and oliveoil+za'atar dipping.

Phone: 647.726.9500

Beit Zatoun is located at 612 Markham Street, right by Bathurst subway.

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