Saturday, 25 September 2010

CAYA & Red Tent earn mention in Postcards from a Sex Nerd

Congratulations to Come As You Are and Red Tent Sisters for being included in Midori, The Traveling Sexpert's Toronto Travel Guide:

Come As You Are
Come As You Are is a multi-award-winning shop carrying goods and sponsoring events for the passionate lover in all of us. It’s a cheerful store full of the best quality sex toys, erotic books, sexy videos and works by local artists on the wall. On weekends, they’re just packed with erotic connoisseurs and giddy couples of all ages and genders.

Red Tent Sisters
For those interested in fertility and all aspects of women’s wellness, including sexuality, don’t miss Red Tent Sisters. I bought a cool inflatable birthing tub from Amy and Kim, the proprietors. I’m not having a baby, silly! It doubles as the best mini back yard pool or beer cooler, ever!"

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