Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bike Pirates seeking recipes etc. for cookbook...

An email from the Bike Pirates Facebook group:

We here in the Bike Pirates kitchen have been putting together plans for a Bike Pirates Cook Book, and we want your submissions!

For anyone who doesn't know, Bike Pirates has always had food in it's space, and for the past 2 years has included free meals as a regular part of their programming. Bike politics and food politics overlap in a variety of ways, and free, healthy food helps to keep our volunteers and participants happy and able to focus. Serving a meal also encourages people to sit and chat, share company and creates community among those using the space.

The kitchen is a vegetarian space, where we cook a lot of vegan meals (and desserts) and use produce from local gardens and organic farms whenever possible. What we need are your favourite recipes that are easy to make for large groups of people - we usually cook for about 20.

What We are Looking For
- recipes that use local/native produce!
- recipes that don't involve measuring!
- vegan recipes!
- Easy, yummy baking recipes (including breads, cakes, pies, cookies etc) that are either vegan or gluten-free
- Directions for fun bike-related craft projects
- Suggestions for a great title! (Working title: The Bike Pirates Anarchist Cooking Book)
- Art for the cover or to decorate the pages inside
*Please ensure that any recipe you submit is indeed your own, and hasn't been taken directly out of your favourite cookbook.

The book will be prepared as a zine and each recipe will be on a separate page. We will use the cook book in the kitchen at the shop and it will also be for sale.

You can either send along your recipes to lunch@bikepirates.com or bring in a prepared, unique photo-copy friendly page for the zine to Bike Pirates during any open hours.

Deadline for submissions will be Saturday October 9th, so we have time to prepare the zine before winter craft season.

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