Sunday, 15 August 2010

Alternative Grounds leads Fair Trade Toronto movement

A recent Toronto Star article ("Fair Trade fans set sights on Toronto" by Vivian Song, on page L7 of the 14 August 2010 edition) reports that Linda Burnside, owner of Alternative Grounds Coffee House and Roastery is hoping have Toronto declared a Fair Trade Town...

"After learning that Barrie qualified in May to become Ontario's largest Fair Trade Town, Burnside - whose cafe was among the first in Canada to earn a fair trade licence 14 years ago - stared putting out feelers to assemble a team in Toronto.


'I really see the proliferation of farmer's markets as a desire to have a connection with, and feel good about, what we're eating and buying. I do think there's enough interest,' Burnside says. 'And we have the skills to make it happen.'"

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