Sunday, 13 June 2010

Adopt-an-Activist for the G20! [Toronto, June 2010]

This seems to have been forwarded through several degrees of email separation, with that latest comment being "Blog-worthy?" - definately seems to be worthy here:

"So often we lose sight that the masses of demonstrators are not just 'the demonstrators' but are also our neighbors, our colleagues at work, friends of our friends and relatives, and many of the people working every day to make our communities more liveable and enjoyable for us all. Many have been working towards social justice for years, while many may be engaging with the complex issues that the G8/20 bring to the forefront for the first time. So rather than believing a caricature of 'the demonstrator' why not get to know some in a more personal way!


Have extra space in your home? Extra beds? Space on the floor? A backyard to pitch a tent? Don't just let it go to waste - put some activists in it!

Go to and sign up to billet!

You might not be able to make it onto the streets during the mobilization, but through billeting you can help to make sure that others can.

Have questions? Want more information?

Contact the TCMN Housing Committee at:

P.S. The TCMN is trying to make the world a better place as it coordinates the mobilization. This means that we are trying to ensure that our activities occur within a framework of anti-oppression – fighting against racism, ableism, classism, sexism, and homo/lesbo/bi/trans-phobia. We don't want to stick people into housing situations where they have to fear any of these problems. Thanks!"

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