Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Request CBC to play Sara Marlowe Injured Workers song on June 1st...

Here's a request from Sara Marlowe:

"Hi there,

Besides college radio stations, CBC seems to one of the few that is willing to play social justice music. Next Tuesday (June 1st), is Injured Workers Day. I wrote a song "Worthless," specifically for this day - for my uncle, when he got sick due to unsafe working conditions at his job (he has since passed away).

CBC has played my music in the past (Red Wine & Revolution). Let's get some more strong political musical messages on the airwaves!

You can drop a line to any of these shows requesting "Worthless by Sara Marlowe - from the CD "True Stories" (you will need to fill out a web form - or call them to leave a message requesting the song)

SHIFT (radio 2) -

Thanks & Solidarity,

Some background info:
On Injured Workers Day, June 1, injured workers as well as unions and other organizations will remind the government that justice — not poverty — was the primary reason the compensation system was set up in 1914. Workers gave up their right to sue employers for workplace injury and illness compensation in exchange for a system that was supposed to provide fair recompense to injured workers so that they could continue their lives with dignity even in the face of injury or permanent disablement.

Sara Marlowe"

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