Saturday, 27 February 2010

Some Feedback from Fresh: The Movie Screening

One of the participants at the latest TorontoTheBetter Movie Series screening gave us permission to repost some of his feedback:


... a really wonderful night, a great presentation also by Adam and I felt the people that were present, had the vibe I would like to be around more often! I am an artist/painter. I was in security since Nov. 2007...I am asking you if there is anyone who is hiring at the moment. I appreciate anything you can do to help. At present as well, though not all 'raw', I resonate with that lifestyle. Ideally, in the end, I would like to work in the area where people and food are interconnected. I have a lot of people experience, no food experience (jobwise). Eventually, I would also like to be in a home where permaculture exists and have others who are vegetarian/vegan/raw. I will attach both my CV and art CV for your perusal. I have not been in the art world for a few years; and I want to get back into that too!

...see you at the next movie night! (to the best of my ability).

Andrew Roth

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