Monday, 23 November 2009

Bicycling in Toronto, Nov.24th TorontotheBetter movie - QUESTIONS and IDEAS

- What new uses for bikes and biking in Toronto do you recommend?

- How can we make Toronto workplaces more bike-friendly?

AND PLEASE post any other questions/suggestions you have about
biking for a Better Toronto.suggestioo


Anonymous said...

1. Phsicians on bikes making housecalls.
2. Showers for "active commuters" in workplaces

Taodhg said...

A lively discussion at the screening, with the audience suggesting 1) educational initiatives (for car-drivers, cops, bike couriers and municipal politicians/decision-makers)to remind them about what helps biking and what doesn't and 2) direct action and legal pressure, with cops in particular, to pressure them to become more bike-friendly, e.g. by taking anti-bike road violations seriously. The movies made all of us watching aware of how much we still have to, and can, do to make Toronto a more progressive transportation place, particularly for bikes. I can't wait for the first physician to take up my call for home visits by bike - the African examples made me envious. We can at least start here at ghome by supporting the Bike Lanes On Bloor St. campaign, as one speaker requested at the screening.