Monday, 26 October 2009

Toronto Cyclists Union Fundraiser; 28 October 2009

Everyone's probably already been invited to the Toronto Cyclists Union's Cocktail and Masquerade Fundraiser, but just in case, here are the details:

Toronto Cyclists Union Fundraiser: Cocktail and Masquerade

Oct. 28th, 6pm @ Steamwhistle’s Roundhouse ** 2 part event - Reception & Party**
Please join us for this very special evening. Together we are building a bike-friendly Toronto.

The evening will include:
* Special Intimate Performances by top Canadian entertainers Molly Johnson ( & Coco Love Alcorn (
* Silent auction 6-9, raffle 9-12 featuring great bikes, great items from businesses in Southern Ontario, and other bikephenalia
* Open bar 6-9, delectable finger foods and fine Canadian beer, wine and spirits
* Bike expo featuring Toronto’s top bike shops showcasing the latest and greatest in 2010 cycling technology
* Oyster Bar at 7pm with Celebrity Shucker, David Donnelly, of Donnelly LPC

If there was ever a time to get behind our city's most dedicated, and high profile cycling advocates, it's now. Thanks in large part to the Toronto Cyclists Union, our city's first member-based cycling advocacy organisation, cycling issues are now most definitely on the map in Toronto. If you've ever cared about improving conditions for cyclists in this city, and about getting bikes meaningfully incorporated into our transportation system, now is the time to show support for the first group with real traction. Whether or not you have joined yet as a member, we represent your interests as a cyclist. We have some real momentum, but we need your help to keep it going.

Brought to you by:

The Toronto Cyclists Union - the face of the new, and much needed, bike advocacy in Toronto – the voice of optimism and pragmatism, of a common effort to work toward a more harmonious and efficient way to move our city. We are growing but we need you to be a part of that growth. All funds raised will go directly towards maintaining the ongoing operational and project costs of our still nascent, but already well respected organisation - one that has finally filled the gap in cycling advocacy in Toronto.

Oct. 28th @ Steamwhistle’s Roundhouse

* 6 to 9pm - Masquerade Cocktail Reception: Special Guests (musical & political), Open bar, Cocktail Catering & Silent Auction - $100 single, $150 couple
* 9pm to 12am - Masquerade 'Bike Love' Party: Live Music, DJs for dancing, Cash bar and Raffle - $25 single, $40 couple

** Buy tickets here:

Please consider purchasing tickets, or making a contribution, even if you are unable to attend.

Message from Executive Director, Yvonne Bambrick -

Supporters: Bicycle Trade Association of Canada, Sweet Pete’s, Steamwhistle, Opus, Specialized, Donnelly LPC, Spacing, Positive Change, Bikes Without Borders, Urbane, and more...

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