Thursday, 8 October 2009

Public Launch of Asia Floor Wage Campaign

From the 7 Ocotober 2009 Maquila Solidarity wire:

Asian Floor Wage Campaign seeks to end poverty wages

Today workers' rights groups in over a dozen countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas are participating in the public launch of the Asia Floor Wage Campaign (AFWC). The campaign is demanding a common minimum living wage for garment workers across the Asian region, in order to stop the destructive race to the bottom on wages and labour standards - which is being fueled in part by companies moving production between countries in the region in search of ever-cheaper labour costs.

To this end the AFWC has calculated a minimum living wage (Asia Floor Wage) for the region as a whole, which has been standardized so that it can be easily converted to national currencies in key Asian garment-producing countries. The AFWC now turns its efforts to campaigning for the adoption of the Asian Floor Wage across the region.

For more information and links, visit Worker rights group launch Asia Floor Wage Campaign.

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