Monday, 28 September 2009

Tinto Events: Visual Voices for a Better Toronto & About the Olympics

Two events worth checking out at Tinto Coffee House:

Libra Information Services and TorontoTheBetter presents Visual Voices for a Better Toronto: An exhibit of photographs that represent a better Toronto until October 7.

Plus, Vancouver 2010 means Olympic Games. But what does that mean?...

Come to Tinto on Wednesday, September 30th at 7 pm to share some of the wealth of valuable information and insight into the many implications of the games for Vancouver and beyond.

Hear it all from John Richmond. John lives in Toronto but he grew up in Vancouver. He is now back to Toronto from an extended stay in the region. He'll tell us about the people and places that are going to be impacted by the long-lasting but already palpable effects of the games.
John says that the people know what the games means for them, and so does the government. And they are both taking steps, because the effects of the Olympics, which would normally only become apparent after the event, are already leaving their mark.

Join us, for free, to hear it from John Richmond and engage in a dialogue and discussion that is sure to be informing and thought-provoking.

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