Thursday, 3 September 2009

Green Enterprise Toronto News & Job Posting, September 2009

Chris Lowry is stepping aside as Executive Director of Green Enterprise Toronto, with the following announcement:

Dear GET Members and Friends,

After four years growing the organization and our remarkable community of 300+ members, the GET Steering Committee has decided to expand the mandate of GET to 'go big' and become a regional green business alliance. With great pride in our accomplishments, I am writing to let you know that I am stepping aside as Founding Executive Director of Green Enterprise Toronto.

GET is poised to become the new voice of business in the GTA and beyond. We intend to move from strength to strength, building on the solid foundation of excellent programming and partnerships, enabled by the substantial trust, respect and brand loyalty that GET has earned to date. The organization needs new leadership to take us to the next level, to expand our membership and the scope of our work. GET will offer common voice and policy influence to the hundreds of medium sized companies in southern Ontario that are working hard to become sustainable, to convert the grey industrial economy to green through eco-smart manufacturing, clean tech, renewable energy, and a triple bottom line appoach to all kinds of business. As the new collective voice of sustainable business in the GTA, we can do what other industry associations can't do; we can influence policy and respond the the challenges ahead with a common commitment to people and planet as well as profit.

GET is committed to continue to serve the entrepreneurs and small, local living economy businessss in our network. Your membership benefits will continue and new benefits will be added. At the same time, more medium-sized companies (19-100 employees) will be joining GET with the expectation of achieving new levels of peer-to-peer cooperatioin and policy influence.

As Founding ED, I will serve on the GET Steering Committee and I will continue to work with GET on programming, special events, and communications. I look forward to continuing work with many of you.

Warm regards,

Chris Lowry

Job Posting: Executive Director, Green Enterprise Toronto—GET

Are you a tree hugger trapped inside a business suit? Are you the visionary who ‘gets’ how green business is great business? Are you looking for a way to reconcile your skills and your values? Got a bit of energy and feel like leading a revolution?

Green Enterprise Toronto is looking for a new Executive Director to become a key player in the greening of North America’s fourth largest urban market. If you love big challenges and got business creds to boot, this is the job for you!

GET believes that Toronto can become a sustainable city by supporting its local, green businesses. Through market research, consumer awareness campaigns and building the capacity of locally-owned businesses, GET is the necessary catalyst to make this vision a reality.

We’ve spent the last four years building up our network of 300+ green businesses and it’s time to take advantage of it! As the new leader of this network, you would become the voice of green business in Ontario. With the right amount of passion, vision, and drive, this job opportunity can become a part of ground-breaking change in the business sector.

We need to be clear. This position won’t be a cakewalk. There are no gianormous pay cheques – you will have to raise your own salary. Small businesses can be a bit like herding cats. And the steering committee is full of wily entrepreneurs with too many ideas. For the right person, this is an amazing opportunity.

If we haven’t scared you yet, tell us all about yourself. Send a resume and letter to:

Application Deadline: September 25
Apply to GET Steering Committee, Tonya Surman @

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