Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Make Custom Shampoos and Conditioners; Watch Orgasm Inc.

I recently received the following two invitations, and thought I'd repost them here:

Make Custom Shampoos and Conditioners
When: April 24, 6 to 8 pm
Where: Anarres Natural Health, College & Ossington
Cost: $30 pre-paid, $25 each when you register with a friend, $50 the day of and drop in.

Register at: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/catalog/12/workshopslabs_events

Caught in a vicious cycle of flaky scalp, frizzy hair, then oily scalp, lifeless hair? That's the cycle if you are using almost any shampoo. Sodium Laurel/th Sulfate strips the scalp, causing dandruff, over production of oil, and can even lead to hair loss.

This hands-on workshop will have you discovering the secrets of natural hair care using real soaps, enriching ingredients and essential oils for scalp health and radiant hair. You'll learn how to identify your hair's needs, and choose the ingredients that will work best for you.

You'll make a custom shampoo, and a custom conditioner. You'll come away with 200 ml of products you've made for yourself, or as a gift, and skills that can serve you for a lifetime for a fraction of the cost of a high quality organic shampoo and conditioner!


Come As You Are is sponsoring the screening of Orgasm Inc. as part of Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival.

From the festival website: Forty-three per cent of American women suffer from female sexual dysfunction. Or do they? Can female sexual dysfunction even be considered a disease, or is it only marketed as one by profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies looking to create demand in need of a supply?

After editing porn to be used in research conducted by the drug company Vivus-which was racing against Big Pharma firms to develop a Viagra equivalent for women-documentary filmmaker Liz Canner set out to dissect the corporate commoditization of perfectly normal sexual problems. Along the way, Canner encounters a sex shop owner who crashes pharmaceutical conferences to educate the doctors who attend, a vintage vibrator collector who provides insight into the history of female "hysteria," an orgasmatron, and a man whose monkeys have taught him to pay more attention to women.

Upbeat, engaging, enlightening, and provocative, Orgasm, Inc. will change the way you think about sex.

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