Saturday, 7 March 2009

Leslieveille community group wins at OMB against "big box" plan

On Thursday, 5 March 2009, the Globe and Mail reported that the OMB quashes plan for Leslieville mega mall:

"A contentious plan for a shopping centre in Leslieville - derided as a suburban-style "big box" with Wal-Mart as a likely tenant - has been quashed by the province's planning tribunal, after a five-year fight by local councillors and residents.

The Ontario Municipal Board, often accused by critics of favouring developers, sided with the city and struck down an application to convert the Toronto Film Studios site on Eastern Avenue between Carlaw Avenue and Leslie Street into a 600,000 square-foot retail complex with 1,800 parking spaces."

But Brady Yauch of BlogTO cautions that:

"City officials and community activists may have won this case, but they would be silly to think the war is over. Like it or not, corporate retailers are going to continue with their quest to expand their operations in cities across the country. Finding a way to incorporate them into the fabric of city life is going to be a major challenge for both city officials and developers. But it's one they're going to have to face.:

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W. Greg Taylor said...

I see we missed Matthew Blackett's March 4th Spacing article, OMB says no to big box in Leslieville - this one will probably not ask you to purchase the article for the full text now...