Thursday, 5 March 2009

LabourStart news: International Women's Day etc.

Four items from today's LabourStart email by Eric Lee:

International working women's day:
8 March is international working women's day - a 100-year old holiday celebrated in different ways in our different countries. LabourStart has a page of news specifically affecting women workers here - please make sure your union links to it.

Iran: Repression intensifies

In our last mailing, we told you about the trial of leaders of a sugar workers union affiliated to the IUF. While we await the results, more union leaders have been jailed. Full coverage of Iranian labour news can be found here.

Iraq: Two appeals

We've had two appeals this week from Iraq - both are important.

First, a leader of the agricultural workers union has been arrested. US Labor Against the War is circulating a call for action.

Second, there's this appeal from the teachers union. The NASUWT in Britain has issued a call for email protests to be sent to with messages of support to .

UnionBook after one month

It's been little more than a month since we announced the launch of the social network for trade unionists, UnionBook. In that time, the network has grown rapidly, with over 2,500 trade unionists having signed up. There are now 167 groups of which the most popular are Unions 2.0, Labour Films, Left History, Union Staff, Labour Podcasting, CUPE, LabourTech (Canada) and Our Times. If you haven't yet done so, sign up today - and sign up your fellow union members!

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