Monday, 9 February 2009

Myths for Profit

We need help!
Currently we are in the post-production stage. We are getting great musicians, finishing the editing and trying to secure the rights to use some footage. But we need help! Please help us finish the documentary by pre-ordering the full-length DVD version of MYTHS FOR PROFIT for $15. Click the link below to pre-order via PayPal, or
contact us to place an order by phone or mail. (514-812-6817) Thank you! Regular price: $15

For organizations & individuals who would like to screen or publicly use this film in any non-commercial way (i.e. libraries, classrooms, etc.), the price for a copy with the lifetime public performance rights (PPR) is $50. This fee will be waived for groups hosting a screening during the Spring 2009 cross-Canada tour. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.Price with PPR: $50

‘MYTHS FOR PROFIT' is a dramatic, exposé documentary which explores 'Canada’s role in Industries of War and Peace’. Through diverse interviews and case studies this documentary unveils the specific interests and profits that are made by certain corporation, individuals and agency within Canada. By examining these myths we seek to find out what are the possible motives that hide behind these stories, and if there are certain people who stand to gain and maintain these misconceptions. Only by breaking down these myths can we hope to understand how these systems of power operate, and help empower people across Canada to change them.

MYTH 1) 'Canada is a peacekeeping nation' examines the changes in the Department of National Defence since 1999 and takes a serious look at the role Canada has taken in NATO. A particular focus is given to the current perpetual war in Afghanistan, how Canada assisted in the illegal coup d’état in Haiti, and how Canada played a pivotal role in pushing the policy of ‘bombing for humanitarian aid’ in Yugoslavia.

MYTH 2) 'Canada’s policies on ‘Reconstruction and Redevelopment’ are helping people around the world' investigates how various government agencies and ministries have specific agendas they are implementing around the world. From the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) to Export Development Canada, policies are being designed and carried out to ensure a free market neo-liberal agenda in different countries, regardless of the negative effect they may have on the communities and environment they impact. This includes how Canada’s development agency’s (CIDA) tied and phantom aid function in post and present conflict zones.

MYTH 3) 'Canada’s military purpose is defence' By investigating the magnitude of the Canadian military industrial complex, from the mining of uranium used for depleted uranium weapons to the production of components in weapons systems, this section probes the intersecting relationships between various government agencies and corporations as well as public complicity in this vast industry.

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