Monday, 23 June 2008

URGENT Action Needed to Save Wind Energy Development in Ontario

From the latest Anarres Natural Health newsletter:

URGENT Action Needed to Save Wind Energy Development in Ontario

Anarres Natural Health Clinic, as part of my home, is 100% powered by wind generated electricity. I am a member of WindShare, as well as a Green Tag purchaser. Now more than ever, the viability of our cooperative and the development of renewable energy is threatened, with new rules, seemingly cooked up for the benefit of nuclear power developers, that make it virtually impossible to develop new projects where these are most needed.

The Premier will be attending the World Wind Energy Conference in Kingston, Ontario June 23rd. We have a short window of opportunity to let him know that these changes are detrimental to the sector and a potential embarrassment to his government on the international stage.

New changes include:
1. No new community or other renewable projects will be processed until the Fall.
2. Most of Ontario is off-limits to new renewable development, including Toronto and most of Northern Ontario (i.e. all orange and yellow zones in the attached map).
3. Limitations on project connection. This rule will limit who can participate and where.

These rule changes and suspensions were introduced with no warning or stakeholder engagement and contradict every basic principle of effective renewable energy policy making, namely the need for a stable, clear, consistent and fair policy environment.

Please send an email to the premier ASAP and copy your MPP. You can find your MPPs email address here:

For detailed information and a sample letter or email, please contact me at Thank you for your attention and support.

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