Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Call for Toronto Youth Submission - Toronto Palestine Film Festival

From the Toronto Palestine Film Festival:

Call for Toronto Youth Submission

Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) 2008 is pleased to announce the
"Show Us Your Toronto!" Youth Competition. Young filmmakers in Toronto
and the Greater Toronto Area are encouraged to make short films (no
longer than 3 minutes) about what it means to them to be Torontonian
given their diverse heritage, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
There will be 7 winning entries and these will be premiered before
each night's program.

The objective of TPFF's Youth Competition is to allow our youth
audience to explore their identity as a concept of their perception of
who they are and how their surrounding environments have shaped them.
This competition will allow youth to use the medium of film to express
their views, and actively play a role in conveying the parallels in
the narratives of Torontonian and Palestinian youth. Given the
diversity of both these communities, TPFF is proud to showcase a
vibrant array of creative film submissions from yet-to-be-discovered,
young, artistic talents.

Conceived by Palestine House, the Festival is an important component
of the year-long activities commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the
Nakba. The Nakba, "the catastrophe" in Arabic, describes the 1948
expulsion of the indigenous population from Palestine. Organizers of
TPFF came together to highlight the often neglected, suppressed and
distorted Palestinian narrative, a collective experience similar to
indigenous peoples in Canada and in other countries around the world.
While highlighting the work of Palestinian filmmakers, the Festival
will showcase the diverse and creative work of all filmmakers (any
nationality) exploring both historic and contemporary themes related
to Palestinian identities, culture, and narrative.

While the Palestinian Diaspora in Toronto has been growing, there is
little mainstream knowledge about Palestinian history, culture and
arts. TPFF emerged out of calls for such knowledge by community
leaders and members. Since cinema is a powerful means for visually
interpreting the collective identity and historic struggle of the
Palestinian people, we hope to create an opening in the artistic field
within Toronto, in attempts to contribute to the multi-cultural and
diverse nature of this city. The "Show Us Your Toronto" Youth
Competition will be an integral means of organically creating this

See their Submission page for details.

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