Sunday, 4 May 2008

National Fair Trade Weeks 2008

From TransFair Canada , your independent third-party certification of fair trade products:

National Fair Trade Weeks 2008 - Choose Fair Trade - Everyone Wins!

"Choose Fair Trade - Everyone wins!" National Fair Trade Weeks are
taking place from May 1st to 15th 2008. This campaign brings together
organizations, companies and individuals who promote Fair Trade and Fair Trade Certified products.

Fair Trade is a pragmatic and powerful tool for alleviating poverty in
developing countries. Fair Trade has come a long way in Canada. What
started as a small initiative by concerned citizens (focused primarily on
coffee), has evolved into a dynamic movement and market alternative.
Consumers in Canada can now find Fair Trade Certified teas, coffees,
sugar, cocoa, fresh fruits, rice, quinoa, spices, wine, shea butter,
cotton, cut flowers and sports balls. Fair Trade Certified products are
easy to find in retail shops across the country.

Fair Trade Certified products sales have increased remarkably over the
years. At the end of 2007, Fair Trade Certified retail sales in Canada
were over 120 million dollars. The Fair Trade Certification system now
benefits more than 1.4 million producers in 59 developing countries.
Demand for Fair Trade Certified products continues to grow in Canada, and
there are new products being introduced regularly.

During National Fair Trade Weeks, a wide range of local grassroots events
will take place in order to increase awareness of Fair Trade Certified
products and the benefits Fair Trade brings to communities in developing
countries. Events like Fair Trade Fairs, Movie Nights, Fair Trade Soccer
Tournaments and conferences will open the eyes, minds and taste buds of
Canadians to all the good things that Fair Trade brings, both to producers
in developing countries and to consumers in the Canada.

Please visit to find where to buy Fair Trade Certified
products, and to see a list of all the events taking place during National Fair Trade Weeks.

For more information:
Cynthia Wagner, Communications
TransFair Canada; 613.563.3351 x 21

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