Friday, 4 April 2008

Props from Aka.Alias - Consider Beach Solar Laundromat...

When Taodhg suggested cross-posting Aka.Alias's Felling the Heat in Toronto The Better, I first thought: what, that's nearly a year old!...

But, on further reflection, the promotion of Beach Solar Laundromat bears repeating, and is actually quite topical with summer approaching and the continuing renaissance of green thinking:

"Of course, days like today put a real strain on the power grid, with everyone cranking up their AC. Among the extreme heat and smog warnings being issued, there are also appeals being issued to use less - less AC, less appliances, less cars - anything you can do to help. That leads us to the laundromat at 2240 Queen Street East.
The Beach Solar Laundromat, here in Toronto, is run by Alex Winch, a man on a mission. Winch is after energy efficiency through business and building design. That's why there are solar panels in the laundromat's roof. If you have to catch up on your washing today and you live anywhere near the Beach Solar (think TTC!), load up a laundry bag and head over there."

And, of course, it's nice to hear someone reporting a pleasant experience visiting TorontoTheBetter:

" the time you've finished investigating this site, you're likely to need another cup of coffee.If you're not downing fair trade, you can find a business to provide you with same so you never have to brew anything but fair trade ever again.
If you're the intrepid type who hates to quit a site until you've seen it all, you'll need to get the midnight oil burning,..."

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