Saturday, 19 April 2008

FREE Workshop, FREE passes to The Green Living Show

Anarres Natural Health BOOTH # 1234 AT THE GREEN LIVING SHOW APRIL 25, 26 AND 27th...

What: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Aromatherapy and Natural Ingredients, But Didn't Get Around To Asking
When: Tuesday, April 22, 6 - 8
Wednesday, April 23, 6 - 8
Where: Anarres Natural Health Clinic, 12 Ossington Crescent, Toronto, ON M6J 2A6

What you'll learn
Natural sun screens: which oils and butters have an SPF of 15 naturally?
Essential Oils: what they do and how they do it! what's safe for the childbirthing year and for kids
Perfumery: "Top, Middle and Base Notes", how to blend them and what they do
Soaps: soap versus detergents, helpful ingredients, soaps for common skin problems
Hair Care: natural ingredients and hair care, what never ever ever to use anywhere near your body
Miracle Minerals: what are dead sea and epsom salts, and what do they do
Lotions, Potions and Creams: the mysteries of cold creams revealed!
Palm and vegetable wax candles: why petroleum makes us and our planet sick, why vege wax is brilliant!
Natural mouth care: why natural toothpaste? natural mouthwash? natural lip balm? cold sore care...
Detoxification: the simple ways, and low cost ingredients and products that help
Treatments: what is reflexology, Thai,massage, lomi lomi, meridian work, lymphatic drainage?
Energy Work: what is polarity therapy, reili, chakra balancing?
How to Reject Plastics: Why Anarres packages in glass and vegetable cellulose instead of petroleum plastics
...and more!!!

Attend one or both workshops.
RSVP required.
Volunteers: FREE see below Non Volunteers $40 per session.
Tea, crystal water and snacks will be provided to tide you over.

As a BONUS, everyone who attends the workshop will receive a free pass to
The Green Living Show - instead of $13 at the door!

Would you like to attend the Green Living Show for free?
Would you like to learn more about natural products,
what they do, and how they do it?

Would you like to receive treatments in exchange for
volunteering at the Anarres Natural Health booth?

After exhibiting at the Holistic Health Show in March, I realized that I needed someone at my booth at all times so that I could do crazy stuff like eat and answer calls of nature. Plus, my two year old was not very articulate with customers.

From time to time, a friend or client would drop by, and it was wonderful! Clients could tell potential customers about my products and what I do. I could run off to sample cocoa nuts.

I thought "I wonder if folks would be willing to help out in exchange for treatments? I wonder if folks would enjoy learning more about what I make, how I make it and what it does and why?"

I can't offer cash, because that is what I do not have
I have knowledge and I have time. So here's the deal:

Volunteer for at least a four hour time slot and I'll give you:

1. A free Exhibitor's Badge. I'll buy you one, and you'll have access to all three days of The Green Living Show. VALUE: @$45

2. A free three hour workshop/training session where you'll learn about essential oils, soaps, carrier oils, clays... everything you need to know about helpful and harmful ingredients, how and why they do what they do. VALUE: $50

3. A 1 hour Gift Certificate for any treatment I offer, to use yourself, or give as a gift, for the first 4 hour shift you help me out in. VALUE: $60-120

4. A 1 hour Gift Certificate for any treatment I offer, to use yourself, or give as a gift, for every hour after your first 4 hours that you help me out in. VALUE: $60-120 every hour after 4 hours.

Once you know about what's in my products, you are most capable of answering questions, and selling products. I don't need high strung sales behaviour - just common sense attentiveness to questions and concerns, an ability to use a calculator, take money, make change, and put things in bags. If you have a vehicle, or are great at packing, you may want to volunteer helping me to set up or clear out. But I expect that if you do volunteer, you'll have a great time!

Let me know ASAP if you are interested or know someone who might be.

Love & RRRevolution, Tracey

Tracey TieF
Certified Natural Health Practitioner
416.535.9620 or

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