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2008 TorontoTheBetter 3rd Annual Film Series starts March 20th with You Can't Do It In Europe

Can't Do It In Europe - 2008 TorontoTheBetter 3rd Annual Film Series

Date: Thursday, March 20, 2008
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Concord Cafe, 937 Bloor Street West (between Ossington and Delaware

Welcome to the 2008 TorontoTheBetter 3rd Annual Film Series:
Everyday Economic Choices for a Better Toronto and a Better World

Presenting PWYC Movie, Discussion, Action...

Courtesy of First Run / Icarus Films
Can't Do It In Europe
A Film by Charlotta Capcutt, Anna Weitz & Anna Klara

Already visited Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid and the other great cities of Europe? Looking for a truly unusual tourist spot? Then how about the silver mines of Potosi in Bolivia, billed as "the best adventure in the Cerro Ricco," where you can don helmets, gloves and overalls and descend into the dark, stiflingly hot, and polluted mines to watch real Bolivian miners at work?

CAN'T DO IT IN EUROPE portrays this new phenomenon of 'reality tourism,' whereby bored American or European travelers seek out real-life experiences as exciting tourist "adventures." The film follows a group of such international tourists as they visit the mines in Potosi—the poorest city in the poorest nation in Latin America—where Bolivian miners work by hand, just as they did centuries ago, to extract silver from the earth.

Sponsored by:
Bazant Unique Adornments
Department of Antropology/U of T
Libra Information Co-op c/o TorontoTheBetter
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