Saturday, 19 January 2008

TorontotheBetter featured in University of Toronto Social Economy Centre event on January 16th, 2008

A University of Toronto Social Economy Centre lunchtime presentation on January 16th featured a panel discussion on "Mapping the Social Economy". One panelist Sherida Ryan, who interviewed TorontotheBetter staff in 2007, talked to a full OISE classroom about online social economy organizations. She selected TorontotheBetter as one of her five examples and noted the familiarity of TorontotheBetter workers with the idea of "social economy". For more information about Ryan's report, which is part of a PhD thesis she is engaged in, go to:
NOTE: we have pointed out to Sherida a couple of factual errors in her report:
1) TorontotheBetter, Toronto's first online social economy directory went online in 2003, not 2000, and 2) 248 businesses participate in TorontotheBetter.

TorontotheBetter hopes to work further with Sherida and other researchers on furthering contributions to, and understanding of, the Canadian soical economy.

For more information about the Social Economy Centre, see

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