Monday, 28 January 2008

TorontoTheBetter businesses in upcoming organics conference

The Toronto chapter of Canadian Organic Growers is "building on the success of last year's Growing Up Organic Conference" by hosting Visionary Farmers and Consumers, a one-day conference happening Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 89 Chestnut, University of Toronto (one block south of Dundas, on the east side of Chestnut Street):

"Join Canadian Organic Growers as we explore how organics is making a difference. Who is making this vision real and how can you be part of it ? What is your role? Hear farmers, researchers, local food security advocates and community organizations discuss the state of Canada's food system and share their positive vision for the future ."

Sponsors include The Big Carrot Natural Food Market and Edible Toronto.

Also, Lulu Cohen of Real Food for Real Kids is moderating "Chefs and kids leading the way!", one of the afternoon break-out panel sessions:

"Chefs have been extraordinarily effective in drawing attention to the quality of our food, but they have done more than just talk about it. Many have built relationships and businesses with local farmers to take back control of food quality and access. Some have even been ‘willing to weed’ to get what they want. In an age where the average diet no longer nourishes, these chefs are winning the hearts and forks of the consumer while helping to keep the farmer on the farm.

Where will the new vision come from? The next generation is already engaged. Meet the kids who have ‘gotten it’. They have connected to their food with a passion. How do they see themselves in the future?"

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