Monday, 17 December 2007

IWW Toronto - Next Meeting Saturday Jan.19th, 2008

Toronto IWW (Wobblies) Union an opportunity for Toronto workers who want to improve their working conditions

IWW is the union of choice for progressive enterprises that put workers at the centre of enterprise. As part of the Libra Co-op TorontotheBetter workers are IWW union members and part of the only unionized worker co-op in Toronto. To find out more anyone is welcome to join our monthly meetings. Find out about a worker friendly union, and maybe join us, hear about our Food Workers campaign and keep up with international Wobbly initiatives like the Starbuck's workers union.

Members meet the 3rd Saturday of each month usually.
NEXT MEETING is on January 19th, 2008 at 3pm, at 519 Church St.

Call 416-707-3509 for room number and other details.

And we want to hear from you - know any problem workplaces, or industries, that need
some activist attention, solidarity pickets, or research? Let us know by leaving a comment. We're particularly interested in the food industry, knowledge workers and occupational health and safety issues. And 2008 will be a big year, with the IWW Organizing Conference set for Toronto in April.

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