Monday, 3 December 2007

MSN Seeks Your Advice in Cleaning up Apparel Industry

From the latest post on the Maquila Solidarity Network homepage:

"In 2007, our staff and our network fought on many fronts to hold international apparel brands accountable for the labour rights abuses in their supply chains. Some of them responded positively, and some of them lagged behind – severely. But all of them could use improvement. So MSN has assembled a list of New Years resolutions we think the apparel industry must make – and keep – in 2008.

But you know how it is – if you don’t make priorities, things don’t get done. So we’d like your help in prioritizing these resolutions for the apparel industry. Please tell us which 3 resolutions should be the top priorities for the apparel industry in 2008."

Visit Help the Apparel Industry Start 2008 on Clean Footing for more information and to provide your feedback.

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